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The Matriculation Packet provides new and returning families with pertinent information and required forms for the school year. We encourage families to complete the forms as soon as possible and return the completed forms to Hilton Head Preparatory School prior to the student's arrival to campus. This will ensure your child a successful transition into the Hilton Head Prep community.

Please print and submit the completed forms that require signatures and/or needed information under each step outlined. When completing the forms, it is not necessary to print the entire packet, only the ones that apply to your child.

Also included in the packet is the Permission for Release of Final Transcript form for newly admitted students only. Please complete the form and submit to your child's current school as soon as possible. In order to complete scheduling for your child, final transcripts must be received. Returning students do not need to submit the Permission for Release of Final Transcript form.


2016-17 Lower School Matriculation Packet

Step 1

Contract & Deposit Payment (No Forms Attached)

Step 2

2016-17 Emergency Contact Information/Medical Release

Step 3

2016-17 Lower School Permission Authorizations

2016-17 Prep Plus Registration Form

2016-17 Agreement for School Bus Service

Step 4

2016-17 Parent Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet


2016-17 Middle School Matriculation Packet

Step 1

Contract & Deposit Payment (No Forms Attached)

Step 2

2016-17 Emergency Contact Information/Medical Release

Step 3

2016-17 Middle School Permission Authorizations

Acceptable Use Policy

2016-17 Agreement for School Bus Service

Statement of Intent


2016-17 Agreement for Participation

Helmet, Equipment, and Technique Warning

Pre-Participation History & Health Assessment Form

Physical Examination Form

Student/Parent Concussion Awareness Form

Warning of Inherent Risk

New Student/Transfer Student Form

Step 5

2016-17 Parent Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet


2016-17 Upper School Matriculation Packet

Step 1

Contract & Deposit Payment (No Forms Attached)

Step 2

2016-17 Emergency Contact Information/Medical Release

Step 3

Acceptable Use Policy

Statement of Intent

2016-17 Agreement for School Bus Service

Student Driver and Parking Information


2016-17 Outline of Senior Privileges

Parents of Seniors Only

Step 5

ESL Testing Statement of Understanding

Step 6

Boarding Student Emergency/Medical Information

2016-17 Boarding Student Parental Permission Form


2016-17 Agreement for Participation

Helmet, Equipment, and Technique Warning

Pre-Participation History & Health Assessment Form

Physical Examination Form

Student/Parent Concussion Awareness Form

Warning of Inherent Risk

New Student/Transfer Student Form

Step 8

2016-17 Parent Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet

2016-17 Student Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet



Rising First Grade

Rising Second Grade

Book Report Form - First Grade & Second Grade

Rising Third Grade - Fifth Grade

Book Report Form - Third Grade - Fifth Grade

Lower School 2016-17 Supply Lists


Attached are the summer reading documents for rising 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. There are three books for each grade. A thinking map must be filled out for each book, except for the 6th grade book on getting organized. Sixth graders only need to have two thinking maps completed by the start of school. Books will be taught and assessments will be given at the beginning of next school year.

Rising Sixth Grade - Eighth Grade

Thinking Map

Middle School 2016-17 Supply Lists


Upper School Assigned Reading - Grades 9-12

Jump Start for Rising Seniors

AP Social Sciences Department Summer Reading

Intensive English Program


Hilton Head Prep is starting their first ever Prefect Program for the 2016-17 school year. To be a Prefect is an honor. This leadership opportunity gives juniors & seniors the opportunity to accept and demonstrate responsibility to his/her peers and the entire Hilton Head Prep community. The Prefects will report directly to the Director of Campus Life and will have many responsibilities. Above all else, the Prefect is to lead through example.

Congratulations to the following upper school students on their selection as a Prefect for the 2016-17 school year!

Sarah DeLoach

Vincent Du

Hayden Garniewicz

Shannon Hegarty

Ben Jackson

Riley Kuehler

Olivia Mitchell

Jacquelyn Nahman

Sophie Rudloff

Charlotte Ruhlin

Kylie Stewart

Rik Ujaan

Sam Warren

Zach Zhang

Ben Zhao

Shirley Zhou

Mission Statement:

The Prefect is the main student programming body on the campus of Hilton Head Prep. Prefects are charged with the responsibility of providing, on a regular basis, support for prospective, new, and current students and for all members of the Hilton Head Prep community.


The Town of Hilton Head Island has a long and proud tradition of volunteer service. The Mayor's Youth Volunteer Service Award Ceremony took place on Monday, May 9 at The Sonesta Resort. Hilton Head Preparatory School is pleased to announce that 33 students received awards. The Award is open to all middle school and high school students who attend a Hilton Head Island school. A student can receive Mayoral recognition for volunteer hours earned between May 1 and April 30 of each calendar year. There are four levels of recognition based on the hours volunteered.

Silver Level: 51 to 100 hours of volunteer service;

Michelle Kunz

Julia Gigante

Nicholas Gioffre

Sarah DeLoach

Aidan McCloskey

Thor Pullon

Melis Tirhi

Lucas Tomita

Frank Milbourn

Kailey Tucker

Jacquelyn Nahman

Jackson Richard

Alexis Voulgaropoulos

Evan White

Joshua Williams

Michael Santorum

Peiyu Xiong

Alex Parsick

Shirley Zhou

Davis Puckey

Jacqueline Steinmetz

Gold Level: 101 to 150 hours of volunteer service;

William Monts

Ryan Nimmer

Ava Nixon

Haylee Hopman

Hunter Hopman

Sophie Rudloff

Rik Ujaan

Xin Richard, Liu

Mayor's Call to Service Award: More than 150 hours of volunteer service

Rachel Stratton

Hope Dobbelaere

Sophia Nimmer

Brittany Hanna



Upper School Academic Awards 2016

English Department Awards

Fundamentals of Writing: Addison Eldridge

World Literature: Hayden Garniewicz

Creative Writing: Chase Schupp

AP Language & Composition: Catherine Sheehan

AP Literature & Composition: Bailey Kaiser

Literature of Social Reflection: Sabina Vaughan

Film and Literature: Jacquelyn Nahman

Journalism: William Monts

Yearboo: Catherine Sheehan

Composition I: Dylan QiMing Zhong

Composition II: Raiden Baihua Yang

Composition III: Victoria Kurz

Composition IV: Shirley Zhilan Zhou

Literature I: Bumin Choi

Literature II: Adam Ao Guo

Excellence in Writing/Gr 9: Benjamin Eisinger

Excellence in Writing/Gr 10: Kacy Jones

Excellence in Writing/Gr 11: Alexis Voulgaropoulos

Excellence in Writing/Gr 12: Jackson Puckey

Senior Speech Award: Kathryn Herman and Anita Uwadia

SCISA Literary Meet Recognition: Sarah DeLoach, Ava Nixon, Chase Schupp, Lucas Tomita, Alexander Vanezis, Alexis Voulgaropoulos

SCISA Debate Team Recognition: Colten Lavery, Annalise Saponara, Uige Ujaan, Alexander Vanezis

Featured in "Literary Gems" for the YES! Magazine Student Writing Competition: Sarah DeLoach

Scholastic Writing Awards Gold Key Winner: Divya Sharma

University of South Carolina Honors College Writing Contest Winner: Melis Tirhi

Daughters of the American Revolution History Essay Contest Regional Winner: Jackson Puckey

Hilton Head Island Rotary's 4-Way Test Essay Contest Winner: Jacquelyn Nahman

Mathematics Department Awards

Algebra: Ashley Chang

Algebra II: Victoria Kurz

Algebra II Honors: Dylan Zhong

Algebra III/Trigonometry: Paul Griz

Geometry: Benjamin Eisinger

Geometry Honors: Healey Lucier

Pre-Calculus: Kiefer Surkamer

Pre-Calculus Honors: Charlotte Ruhlin

Calculus Honors: Catherine Meighan

AP Calculus: Catherine Sheehan

Statistics: Magdalene Sulek

AP Statistics: Evgeny Jake Smirnov

Cadet Teacher Award: Zachary June

Science Department Awards

College Prep Biology: Courtney Doyle

AP Biology: Allessandra Reuben

College Prep Chemistry: Bumin Choi

Chemistry Honors: Charlotte Covington

AP Chemistry: Riley Kuehler

College Prep Physics: Joshua Polk

Physics Honors: Alexander Vanezis

AP Physics: Ryan Nimmer

Anatomy and Physiology: Melis Tirhi

Susan B. West Marine Biology: Jackson Puckey

Integrated Science: Parker Shisheng Fang

United States Army Sponsored Junior Science and Humanities Symposium Attendees: Ben Eisinger, Lucas Tomita, Jackson Richard, Alexis Voulgaropoulos

Regional Science Fair Participants: Lucas Tomita, Emmeline Guerard, Evan White, Sarah DeLoach, Uige Rik Ujaan, Ryan Nimmer, Olivia Mitchell, Trey Speer, Bryan Allen, Frank Lin, Elizabeth Rankin, Avery Campbell, Logan Blair, Ben Eisinger, Shannon Hegarty, Alexis Voulgaropoulos, Serina Peiyu Xiong

South Carolina Independent School Association Science Fair Participants: Avery Campbell, Frank Lin, Lucas Tomita, Alexis Voulgaropoulos

International Science Fair Recognition: Lucas Tomita, Alexis Voulgaropoulos

World Languages

Spanish 1: Addison Eldridge

Spanish 2: Justin Perez

Spanish 3: Sarah DeLoach

Spanish 4: Alexis Voulgaropoulos

AP Spanish: Jackson Puckey

Chinese 1: Sallie Collins

Chinese 2: Martha Collins

Chinese 3: Uige Ujaan

Social Sciences

Western Civilization: Benjamin Eisinger

American Studies: Joshua Williams

American Politics and Society: Colten Lavery

Psychology: Paige Lucas

Economics: Evgeny Jake Smirnov

Ethics: Bailey Kaiser

AP US History: Uige Ujaan

AP European History: Anton Ugnivenko

History I: Raiden Baihua Yang

History II: Lisa Keyu Liao

Quiz Bowl Participants: Jack Dextraze, Marcus Ferreira, Jackson Puckey, Jackson Richard, Melis Tirhi, Uige Ujaan, Shengxu Wang

Fine Arts Department Awards – Visual Arts

Art I: Addison Eldridge

Art II: Olivia Mitchell

Art Honors: Catherine Sheehan

Aldo Landwehr AP Drawing: Magdalene Sulek

Ceramics I: Lucas Tomita

Ceramics II: Charlotte Ruhlin

Photography: Elizaveta Parinova

AP Photography: Magdalene Sulek

Web Design: Evgeny Jake Smirnov

Promising Picassos Upper School Recognition: Sarah DeLoach, Addison Eldridge, Samuel Fried, Adam Guo, Olivia Mitchell, Sarah Orie, Ian Parker, Elizaveta Parinova, Jackson Richard, Catherine Sheehan, Magdalene Sulek, Sabina Vaughan

SCISA Art/Photography Participants: Ana Cris Diaz Covarrubias, Alana McCallion, Sarah Orie, Joshua Polk, Catherine Sheehan, Evgeny Jake Smirnov, Magdalene Sulek

Fine Arts Department Awards – Performing Arts

Performing Arts Award: Kacy Jones

Director's Award: Keegan Crotty and Emmett Askeland

Orchestra: Emmett Askeland

Upper School Orchestra Participants: Emmett Askeland, Thomas Dextraze, Hunter Hopman, Shalina Parker, Benjamin Pellicci, Matthew Sullivan, Melis Tirhi, Alexis Voulgaropoulos, Joshua Williams, Savannah Young

Performing Arts Participants Class of 2016: Walker Campbell, Thomas Dextraze, Kathryn Herman, Zachary June, Bailey Kaiser, Michelle Kunz, Paige Lucas, Jackson Puckey, Jackson Richard, Melis Tirhi, Anita Uwadia, Sabina Vaughan, Shengxu Wayne Wang, Xioquan King Wu

SCISA Drama Team Participants: Logan Blair, Avery Campbell, Shannon Hegarty, Ava Nixon, Anita Uwadia

University Book Awards and Recognition

Harvard College Book Award: Volha Zavarotnaya

Salem College Book Award: Sophie Rudloff

Sewanee Award-Excellence in Writing: Sarah DeLoach

St Michael's College Book Awards: Stephanie Orrell and Xin Richard Liu

University of Virginia Jefferson Book Award: Evan White

Wake Forest University Book Award: Ava Nixon

Washington & Lee University Book Award: MacDonald Orie

Wellesley College Book Award: Serina Peiyu Xiong

Furman Scholars: Catherine Sheehan and Evan White

Wofford Scholars: Catherine Sheehan and Evan White

Ohio University Scholars: Kiara Parker, Joshua Polk, Evgeny Jake Smirnov

National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists: Cordell Clouston

Community Awards and Recognition

Eagle Scout Recognition: Zachary June (and candidate Thomas Dextraze)

Heritage Classic Foundation Scholarship: Jackson Richard

Hilton Head Rotary Club-Outstanding Senior: Jackson Puckey

National Merit Scholar: Jackson Richard

Palmetto Fellows Scholarship: William Monts

Margaret Gould Zonta Club Scholarship: Bailey Kaiser

Sun City Theater Scholarship: Kathryn Herman

Mayor's Youth Service Award Recognition: Sarah DeLoach, Julia Gigante, Nicholas Gioffre, Hunter Hopman, Michelle Kunz, Xin Richard Liu, Aidan McCloskey, Frank Milbourn, William Monts, Jacquelyn Nahman, Ryan Nimmer, Ava Nixon, Alexander Parsick, Davis Puckey, Jackson Richard, Sophie Rudloff, Michael Santorum, Jacqueline Steinmetz, Melis Tirhi, Lucas Tomita, Uige Ujaan, Alexis Voulgaropoulos, Peiyu Xiong, Evan White, Joshua Williams, Zhilan Zhou

Junior Leadership Class of 2016: Sarah DeLoach, Cole Frederick, Ryan Nimmer, McDonald Orie, Sophie Rudloff, Charlotte Ruhlin, Catherine Sheehan, Alexis Voulgaropoulos

Hilton Head Prep Awards and Recognition

Arts Department Scholarship Awards: Ava Nixon and Catherine Sheehan

Arts Guild Scholarship Award: Zachary June

Faculty Merit Scholarship Award: Sarah DeLoach

Parents Association Scholarship Awards: Kathryn Herman and Bailey Kaiser

The Jim Ferree Golf Outing Scholarship Award: Ryan Nimmer

The Tennis Carnevale Scholarship Award: Marcus Ferreira and Alexis Voulgaropoulos

The RET Thomas Scholar/Athlete Award: Thomas Dextraze and Madeleine McDonald

The Richard Basirico Scholarship Award: Benjamin Jackson

The 4-D Award: Joshua Polk

Citizenship Awards

Grade 9: Savannah Young and Michael Santorum

Grade 10: Martha Collins and Joshua Williams

Grade 11: Alexis Voulgaropoulos and Benjamin Jackson

Grade 12: Madeleine McDonald and Thomas Dextraze

Senior Speech Award: Kathryn Herman and Anita Uwadia

The Dolphin Spirit Award: Anita Uwadia


Hilton Head Preparatory School has hired Dave Adams as their next football coach. Dave coached football at May River Academy (one of Hilton Head Prep's predecessor schools) from 1977-1982 where his team was the state championship runner-up in 1980 and state champion in 1981. He also coached the state championship track team at May River in 1981 and 1982. He then coached football again at Hilton Head Prep from 1984-1986 and was the state champion runner up in 1985. After coaching football at Hilton Head High School for 14 years, he became the Athletic Director at Bluffton High School for the last 12 years where he was also their first football coach.

"Returning to Hilton Head Prep is like a homecoming, "says Coach Adams, "It really is a dream come true. Not many coaches have the opportunity to end their career at the same place they started 38 years ago. The Prep Family has welcomed me with open arms and I look forward to serving the school and community for years to come."

Dave will also be teaching in the upper school where he is excited to get to know students – and his players – on many levels. He will also be helping coach in the school's basketball program. "We are thrilled to have Dave on board and are excited for him to lead our football program as well as work with our kids in the classroom," says Headmaster, Jon Hopman.

Hilton Head Prep Athletic Director, Rich Basirico, is excited to have Dave Adams join his coaching staff. "We are very fortunate and excited to have Coach Adams join our Prep family. His integrity, knowledge and experience makes him a perfect fit for our athletic program." says, Mr. Basirico.


The South Carolina Association of Independent Schools (SCISA) State Science Fair was held on Wednesday, April 13, 2016 in Sumter, SC. More than sixty private schools from across the state participated in this year's competition. Congratulations to the following Hilton Head Preparatory School students receiving recognition at this prestigious event:

UPPER SCHOOL (Senior Division):

Alexis Voulgaropoulos – First Place in Senior Biological Science Category

The Effect of Fibroin Protein Application on Escherichia Coli

Avery Campbell – First Place in Senior Physical Science Category

Endothermic Fire Extinguisher

Lucas Tomita – First Place in Senior Environmental Science Category
The Effects of Ocean Acidification on Coral Reef Health and Development

MIDDLE SCHOOL (Junior Division):

Elizabeth Hudak – First Place in Junior Behavioral Science Category

Do Middle School Students Judge a Book by its Cover?


Hilton Head Prep senior, Jackson Richard, has been named a recipient of the Robert W. Woodruff Scholarship Award at Emory University as part of the Emory Scholars Program. He will attend Emory University as a member of the class of 2020.

The Robert W. Woodruff Scholarship is awarded each year and includes full tuition, fees, and on-campus room and board. Jackson will also receive a monthly stipend towards internships and research. Young men and women who demonstrate qualities of forceful and unselfish character, intellectual and personal vigor, outstanding academic achievement, impressive skills in communication, significant leadership and creativity in school or community, and clear potential for enriching the lives of their contemporaries at Emory University receive these scholarships.

Jackson was also one of eight outstanding Beaufort County seniors selected to receive the Heritage Classic Foundation Scholarship Award this month as well as being named a Semifinalist in September of 2015 and then a Finalist in February for the National Merit Scholarship Program and will continue in the competition for some 7,400 National Merit Scholarships worth more than $32 million that will be offered this spring.

Richard was also accepted to both Cornell University and Williams College and will be a Hilton Head Prep Certificate of Distinction Candidate for Prep's Inaugural Program this year.

Jackson Richard plans to study Biological Science and has spent time volunteering at the Waddel Mariculture Center, a field experiment station of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and one of the country's largest and most sophisticated facilities for mariculture research. Spending his early years living on a sailboat with his family instilled a love of the natural world. His love of nature also inspired him to run on the Hilton Head Prep Cross Country Team.

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