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Hilton Head Preparatory School is excited to announce the return of Peggy Trecker White as Director of both the Fall and Winter productions in the Upper School Performing Arts Department for 2017-2018. She enjoyed great success at Prep with "The Little Mermaid", "Godspell", and "A Midsummer Night's Dream" among others.

Peggy has spent the last year assisting on the Rossini opera, "Il Viaggio a Reims" in Germany and Italy, as well as developing new works in Abu Dhabi with Theatre Mitu and acting in The Warehouse Theatre's production of "All My Sons". She is the Director for the Intermediate Musical Theatre Production at Interlochen Center for the Arts and will be directing "Sunday in the Park with George" this summer. As a founding member of Lean Ensemble Theater (LET), she has appeared in "God of Carnage" and "Vanya & Sonia & Masha & Spike" and directed the benefit reading of "Love, Loss, and What I Wore". Peggy is a proud graduate of the University of Michigan with a BFA in Musical Theatre and the American Repertory Theatre & Moscow Art Theatre's Institute for Advanced Theatre Training at Harvard University with an MFA in Acting.

Welcome back, Peggy! Mark your calendars for these student productions November 9-12, 2017 and February 22-25, 2018 at Prep's own Main Street Theatre.


2017 Frederica Carson Art Purchase Award Winners

Winners of the eighteenth annual Frederica Carson Art Purchase Awards were selected in early May. Artwork is submitted by students and the selected artwork is purchased by the school and then matted, framed, and permanently displayed throughout the campus. Congratulations to the following Prep students:

2nd Grade: Alexa Palazzo

9th Grade: Erika Moradel

12th Grade:

Sarah DeLoach
Cole Frederick
Jacquelyn Nahman
Catherine Sheehan

Honorable Mention:

Elizabeth Eisinger (grade 5)

Addie Eldridge (grade 10)

Julia Gigante (grade 11)

Haylee Hopman (grade 7)

Marianna Turturro (grade 5)


Town of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Mayor's Youth Volunteer Service Award Ceremony

The Town of Hilton Head Island has a long and proud tradition of volunteer service. The Mayor's Youth Volunteer Service Award Ceremony took place on Monday, May 15 at The Sonesta Resort. Hilton Head Preparatory School is pleased to announce that 45 students received awards. The Award is open to all middle school and high school students who attend a Hilton Head Island school. A student can receive Mayoral recognition for volunteer hours earned between May 1 and April 30 of each calendar year. There are four levels of recognition based on the hours volunteered.

Bronze Level: At least 50 hours of volunteer service;

Courtney Doyle

Vincent Du

Maggie Zasztowt

Silver Level: 51 to 100 hours of volunteer service;

Kaitlyn Adkins

Susan Brooks

Kierstin Clark

Sarah DeLoach

Addie Eldridge

Luke Foley

Abby Freed

Hayden Garniewicz

Julia Gigante

Josh Griz

Sarah Griz

Emmeline Guerard

Hunter Hopman

Max Marko

Alyssa Marotta

Aiden McCloskey

Colin McCloskey

Jacquelyn Nahman

Anna Pellicci

Allessandra Reuben

Anna Sulek

Ella Tomita

Scout Yokley

Savannah Young

Gold Level: 101 to 150 hours of volunteer service;

William Barney

Griffin Jones

Olivia Mitchell

Ava Nixon

Stephanie Orrell

Shalina Parker

Sophie Rudloff

Bailey Sullivan

Lucas Tomita

Max Zhou

Mayor's Call to Service Award: More than 150 hours of volunteer service

Ella Alsko

Jack Barney

Hope Dobbelaere

Brittany Hanna

Haylee Hopman

Thor Pullon

Justin Stone

Rachel Stratton


The Frederica Carson Art Purchase Awards
May 2017

The Fine Arts Department is pleased to announce the eighteenth annual Frederica Carson Art Purchase Awards competition.
Each May, students are invited to submit artwork for consideration to a committee consisting of the Headmaster, a member of the Board of Trustees, two faculty members, and Mrs. Frederica Carson. The committee will select works of art from the lower, middle and upper school divisions. The student artists whose work is selected will receive a purchase prize and their work will be matted, framed, and permanently displayed. (Previous years' award winning artwork can be seen in the KNS Media Center and in offices across campus.)

Students may submit one piece of artwork for consideration to Mrs. Ramseur-Riley, Mrs. Carson or Miss Dillon by 3:00 pm, Tuesday May 9th.



2017 Upper School Academic Awards

English Department Awards

Fundamentals of Writing Jordan Lalli

World Literature Addie Eldridge

Creative Writing Evan White

AP Language & Composition Kacy Jones

AP Literature & Composition Ava Nixon

Literature of Social Reflection Sophie Rudloff

Film and Literature Serina Xiong

Journalism Serina Xiong

Cadet Teacher Award Jacquelyn Nahman

Excellence in Writing/Gr 9 Scout Yokley

Excellence in Writing/Gr 10 Ben Eisinger

Excellence in Writing/Gr 11 Nick Lalli

Excellence in Writing/Gr 12 Sarah DeLoach

Recognition: SCISA Literary Meet recognition

Ava Nixon and Avery Campbell, 1st place, Oral Interpretation

Recognition: Silver Key Award and Honorable Mention

2017 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Divya Sharma

Intensive English Department Awards


Level 1/10th Grade Yuxi Peter Xiao

Level 2/9th Grade Tianci ClaymanTang

Level 3/10th Grade Shan Leo He

Integrated History

10th Grade Frank Xu

Integrated Science

9th Grade Owen Ma

Mathematics Department Awards

Algebra I Brittany Hanna

Algebra II Arthur Gilpin

Algebra II Honors Abby Freed

Algebra III/Trigonometry Will King

Geometry Scout Yokley

Geometry Honors Kierstin Clark

Pre-Calculus Alana McCallion

Pre-Calculus Honors Divya Sharma

Calculus Honors Julia Gigante

AP Calculus Biahua Raiden Yang

Statistics Sophie Rudloff

AP Statistics Catherine Sheehan

Programming Jack Braun

AP Computer Science A Alexis Voulgaropoulos

Science Department Awards

College Prep Biology Mackenzie Joyner

AP Biology Ben Eisinger

Physiology Stephanie Orrell

College Prep Chemistry Savannah Young

Chemistry Honors Olivia Light

AP Chemistry Michael Mai

College Prep Physics Kacy Jones

Physics Honors Riley Kuehler

AP Physics Xingnan Frank Lin

Astronomy Yihao Vincent Du

Susan B. West Marine Biology Alex Parsick

Recognition: 46th Annual SC DOD Junior

Science and Humanities Symposium Ben Eisinger, Semi-Finalist

Lucas Tomita, Semi-Finalist and First Place in Session 3

Alexis Voulgaropoulos, 1st place, Session 9

Recognition: SCISA Science Fair Rachel Stratton, 1st place/Senior Physical
Science Division

Allessandra Reuben, 2nd place/Senior Behavioral Science Division

Frank Lin, 1st place, Senior Biological Science Division

Lucas Tomita, 1st place, Senior Environmental Science Division and 1st place overall

Recognition: Sea Island Regional Science Fair

Abby Freed (1st place), Kierstin Clark (2nd place), Jordan Lalli (2nd place) – Association for Women Geoscientists;

Natalie Middleton and Lizzie Rankin, 3rd place

Kaitlyn Adkins, Courtney Doyle, Olivia Light – Honorable Mention, Rob & Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiative

Frank Lin (1st place), Society for In Vitro Biology

Rachel Stratton (1st place), RICOH Sustainable Development, US Stockholm Junior Water Prize

Mackenzie Joyner (Honorable Mention)

Lucas Tomita (1st place), NASA Earth System Science, American Meteorological Association, US Stockholm Junior Water Prize, national oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Harold Hauer Memorial Award

Sarah Griz (Honorable Mention), American Meteorological Association

Ben Eisinger (1st place), RICOH Sustainable Development, ASM Materials Education Foundation

Willis Woerheide (Honorable Mention), ASM Materials Education Foundation, Brent Tyler Memorial Award

Allessandra Reuben (2nd place), The American Psychological Association

Scout Yokley (Honorable Mention)

Shannon Hegarty (2nd place), Rob & Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Initiative

Brittany Hanna (Honorable Mention)

World Languages

Spanish 1 Chloe Johnson

Spanish 2 Ella Alsko

Spanish 3 Ben Eisinger

Spanish 4 Kacy Jones

AP Spanish Charlotte Ruhlin

Recognition: inclusion of art in Albricias,

Journal of Sociedad honoraria hispanica Olivia Mitchell

Chinese 1 Andrew Choi

Chinese 2 Arthur Gilpin

Chinese 3 Martha Collins

Chinese 4 Rik Ujaan

AP Chinese Xingnan Frank Lin

Social Sciences

Western Civilization Scout Yokley

American Studies Jack Braun

American Politics and Society Emmett Askeland

Psychology Hayden Garniewicz

Economics Stephanie Orrell

Ethics Evan White

AP US History Allessandra Reuben

AP Government Sarah DeLoach

Recognition: DAR Good Citizenship Award/Scholarship

Ryan Nimmer

Fine Arts Department Awards – Visual Arts

Art I Deanna Confessore

Art II Will King

Art III Honors Addie Eldridge

Aldo Landwehr AP Drawing Catherine Sheehan

Ceramics I Yuxi Peter Xiao

Ceramics II Jacqueline Steinmetz

Photography Ella Alsko

AP Photography Sarah Orie

Web Design Lucas Tomita

Recognition: 2016 SCISA State Art Competition

Sarah DeLoach (Drawing, 1st place), Catherine Sheehan (Drawing, 2nd place), Addie Eldridge (Drawing, 1st place), Alex Wynne (Photography, 1st place), Zenish Mahaseth (Photography, 2nd place), Griffin Jones, Photography, 2nd place), Gaby Duclaud, (Photography, 3rd place), Zenish Mahaseth (Altered Photography/Computer Art, 3rd place), Sam Warren (Honorable Mention), Griffin Jones (1st & 2nd place), Kierstin Clark (3rd place)

Recognition: Promising Picassos

Sarah DeLoach, Addie Eldridge (2nd place), Alex Wynne, Hayden Garniewicz, Julia Gigante, Alana McCallion (Honorable Mention), Catherine Sheehan (1st place), Clara Jane Kiser, Dorsey Barker, Sarah Orie, Ben Eisinger

Recognition: 2017 ARTFIELDS Juried Exhibit

Catherine Sheehan, Cole Frederick, Zenish Mahaseth, Alana McCallion, Anton Ugnivenko, Sarah Orie, Brittany Hanna, Mackenzie Joyner, Hayden Garniewicz, Sarah DeLoach, Julia Gigante, Addie Eldridge, Martha Collins, Sam Warren, Alex Wynne, Ben Zhao, Stephanie Orrell

Fine Arts Department Awards – Performing Arts

Upper School Orchestra Shalina Parker

Musical Theatre/Comedy Kacy Jones

Stagecraft Frank Milbourn

Band Healey Lucier

Recognition: Island School Council Rising Stars

Shannon Hegarty

Recognition: SCISA Vocal Competition – Superior

Caylin Campis

University Book Awards and Recognition

Harvard College Book Award Xingnan Frank Lin

Salem College Book Award Divya Sharma

Sewanee Award-Excellence in Writing Julia Gigante

St Michael's College Book Awards Zijian Michael Mai and Hayden Garniewicz

University of Virginia Jefferson Book

Award Biahua Raiden Yang

Wake Forest University Book Award Kacy Jones

Washington & Lee University Book Award Allessandra Reuben

Wellesley College Book Award Shannon Hegarty

Syracuse University Book Award Olivia Mitchell

Furman Scholar Kacy Jones

Community Awards and Recognition

2017 Island School Council for the Arts Ava Nixon, Catherine Sheehan, Alex Wynne

Women's Association of HHI Youth Service Award Sarah DeLoach

Scholar Athlete Awards Kierstin Clark, Ben Eisinger, Julia Gigante, Ryan Nimmer, Ava Nixon, Mac Orie, Catherine Sheehan, Mac Orie, Alexis Voulgaropoulos, Scout Yokley

Eagle Scout Recognition Griffin Jones

Outstanding Community Service Award Allessandra Reuben

NOC Community Service Award Allessandra Reuben

Heritage Classic Foundation Scholarship Charlotte Ruhlin and Catherine Sheehan

Hilton Head Rotary Club-Outstanding Senior Sarah DeLoach

National Merit Scholar/Commended Student Alexis Voulgaropoulos

WSAV Student of the Month Mac Orie

Sun City Theater Scholarship Ava Nixon

Art League of Hilton Head Scholarship Catherine Sheehan

John S. McClure Continuing Education Scholarship/Wells Fargo

Mac Orie

Mayor's Youth Service Award Recognition Ella Alsko, Kaitlyn Adkins, Susan Brooks, Kierstin Clark, Sarah DeLoach, Cortney Doyle, Vincent Du, Addie Eldridge, Abby Freed, Hayden Garniewicz, Julia Gigante, J osh Griz, Sarah Griz, Emmeline
Guerard, Brittany Hanna, Hunter Hopman, Griffin Jones, Michael Mai, Alyssa Marotta, Aidan McCloskey, Olivia Mitchell, Jacquelyn Nahman, Ava Nixon, Stephanie Orrell, Shalina Parker, Anna Pellicci, Allessandra Reuben, Sophie Rudloff, Justin Stone, Rachel Stratton, Anna Sulek, Lucas Tomita, Scout Yokley, Savannah Young, Maggie Zasztowt, Max Zhou

Junior Leadership Class of 2017 Caylin Campis, Martha Collins, Charlotte Covington, Hayden Garniewicz, Julia Gigante, Shannon Hegarty, Alana McCallion, Olivia Mitchell, Sarah Orie, Shalina Parker, Davis Puckey, Allessandra . Reuben

Certificate of Excellence Candidates Sarah DeLoach, Jacquelyn Nahman, Stephanie Orrell, Sophie Rudloff, Rik Ujaan, Evan White

Hilton Head Prep Awards and Recognition

Arts Department Scholarship Awards Addie Eldridge and Kacy Jones

HHP Arts Guild Scholarship Award Ava Nixon and Catherine Sheehan

Faculty Merit Scholarship Award Hayden Garniewicz

The Jim Ferree Golf Outing Scholar Aidan Sanz

The Tennis Carnevale Scholarship Award Marcus Ferreira

The Richard Basirico Scholarship Award Hunter Hopman

The 4-D Award Catherine Sheehan

Citizenship Awards

Grade 9 Scout Yokley and Stone McDonald

Grade 10 Savannah Young and Ben Eisinger

Grade 11 Kacy Jones and Aidan Sanz

Grade 12 Sarah DeLoach and Ryan Nimmer

Senior Speech Award Sarah DeLoach and Rik Ujaan

The Dolphin Spirit Award Ava Nixon


Congratulations to Prep seniors Catherine Sheehan and Alex Wynne who have been awarded a 2017 Island School Council for the Arts Scholarship in the amount of $1,250.00 from the Joan Stuckart Memorial Scholarship Fund designated for our visual arts students.

Recipients and their parents are invited to attend a special luncheon from 11:30am-1:00pm at the Colleton River Club on Friday May 12, 2017.



Four outstanding Hilton Head Prep athletes signed official letters of intent on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 for contracts to play sports at the college level next year. We wish them the best of luck!

Olga Zavarotnaya -Tennis- Indiana University, Bloomington

Hanna Kiefer -Golf- Stetson University
Catherine Meighan -Tennis- Lehigh University
Mark Laken -Golf- Belmont Abbey College

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