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2015-16 Upper School Clubs & Organizations

Hilton Head Preparatory School Club and Organization Descriptions

Environmental and Outdoor Club:

The focus is to engage students in global and local environmental issues, and to become more engaged in the natural surroundings and recreational opportunities at Hilton Head.

Literary Club:

The focus of this club includes literary conversation and non-competitive events, although students are also encouraged to practice for Literary and Debate meets.

Trew Friends:

Students learn the importance of organ donation and coordinate blood drives and fundraising events. They work on strategies and ways to educate the community and increase enrollment on the SC Organ Donation Registry.

Stress Less Club:

Students identify how stress affects them and they learn how to deal with stress and find strategies and ways to balance all aspects of life.

Quiz Bowl:

Quiz Bowl is a competitive contest in academic trivia in which two teams compete head to head to answer questions from all history, literature, science, fine arts, current events, and mathematics.

Try Harder Club:

This club is dedicated to creating a culture that celebrates effort, engagement and investment. Members work to recruit and direct other students into getting more involved and finding their passions.

Literary Journal (The Pull of the Tides Journal):

Students serve as editors, selecting, arranging and producing a perfect bound, high-production magazine that showcases the creativity of Prep’s finest. There are a number of contests throughout the year showcasing club member’s work.

Interact Club:

This primarily service based club is student-run and sponsors or staffs a number of service-oriented events during the academic year. Members are required to complete an additional 20 hours of community service, attend at least two events a year and attend at least 75% of club meetings during this time.

National Honor Society:

Students in grades 11 or 12 must qualify for this prestigious honor by maintaining at least a 90 average with no averages below 85 for the prior school year, and by living within Prep’s Honor Code. There is an expectation to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership and to develop sterling character in the students.

CLASS – (Character, Leadership, and Attitude for Successful Students):

This club of CLASS has been organized to provide a forum to identify, discuss, and learn the character, leadership, and attitude necessary to become a successful student. Teaching tools include literature, film, music, inspiring stories, motivational speakers, discussion, debate, etc.

Sports and Ethics Club:

Athletes and fans alike are encouraged to “play by the rules” – maintaining good sportsmanship and displaying solid ethical decision making within the athletic arenas.


The game of Chess hones the mind. Students compete in a SCISA competition in the fall. Students can be found at all times of the day in room 401 challenging each other in this intricate board game.


Students must have a willingness to get up in front of others, sing their hearts out and have a great time. All musical types are welcome and encouraged. Singing ability is not necessarily a must!

Science Olympiad:

Hard work and dedication are a must to compete on a team in the World of Science! Competing on a national level takes place the end of May.

Link to Lowers:

Upper school students join forces with our lower school students for interactions that would include fun games, story time, extra help, etc.

Smell the Roses:

Take time to reflect on what we are doing, what we need to do, what our goals are, what we enjoy, and what we don’t enjoy!

Political Discussion:

Take a moment to look at and discuss our country’s political whirlwind – perspectives and new people coming into the political arena.


This is a re-start for Prep’s newspaper. Students are involved with photography, writing articles and regular columns.

Spike Ball:

This team sport is a distant cousin to volleyball. The object of the game is to hit the ball into the net so that the opposing team cannot return it. Fun, intense, and competitive.

Walking Club:

Become healthier and enjoy the nature around us while “walking”!


This year’s Yearbook (2016) will be devoted to our 50th Anniversary. Students can specialize in graphic design, be designated photographers covering events, and be an integral part of putting together an epic Yearbook!


Zonta is a leading global organization empowering women through service and advocacy. Students will volunteer their time, talent and support to local service projects, as well as scholarship programs aimed at fulfilling Zonta’s mission and objectives.

International Dinner Club:

Cuisine is chosen from different parts of the world. Students organize topics, prices, tickets and shopping. Students and some faculty actual do all the cooking for anyone interested to enjoy.

Computational Linguistics Club:

Club members will gather together to practice deciphering words from little known languages and doing logic puzzles.


Club members focus on their love of volleyball and basketball. Practice and technique are emphasized as club members prepare to challenge each other on the court!

Math Team:

The purpose of this club is to practice math team style problems requiring outside-of-the-box thinking. Even if you do not wish to attend a math meet, you are welcome to join us as we work on some unusual and interesting math problems!


Faith + Sport = FCA. The Campus Ministry is a certified non-denominational ministry that is initiated and led by student-athletes.

Hilton Head Helping Hands (HHHH):

Club members reach out to various organizations within the community and organize opportunities for classmates to give back. The club’s goal is to offer helping hands to those less fortunate.

Student Government:

The student government is comprised of the executive officers (President, vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and four class representatives (one elected by each grade level). These class representatives will attend all student council meetings and events. They will be the voices of their respective classes during meetings and will report news, happenings and events to their grades. Class representatives will exert positive leadership at all times and help their classmates organize during grade-level meetings and activities.

Honor Council:

The Honor Council is responsible for enforcing the Honor Code in the Upper School. The Honor Council consists of elected representatives from each grade: one from Grade 9, one from Grade 10, two from Grade 11, two from Grade 12, the Student Council president, and two faculty advisors appointed by the Head of the Upper School.

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