Mission Statement

A safe, caring and accepting community enables Hilton Head Prep to mold students of strong character. Through students' engagement with exemplary faculty, participation in co-curricular arts and athletic programs, and meaningful involvement with the community, Prep will prepare competent and motivated students to succeed in college and beyond. Hilton Head Prep curriculum will incorporate a solid foundation with critical thinking skills while leveraging students' creativity in preparing them to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Dress Code


Hilton Head Prep maintains an official standard of dress, complete with a school uniform. All students are required to meet these expectations during the academic day and as deemed necessary by School administration (i.e. community service events or awards, academic competitions, etc.) unless instructed otherwise by the sponsoring faculty member.

We maintain this dress code for several reasons:

To encourage students to think of their attire as an aspect of their work.
To eliminate the self-consciousness and social competition which fashion tends to promote.
To promote a sense of identity within Prep and among the students as a group.
To maintain an educational look when visitors are on campus.

Clothing and Dress

Students are expected to dress neatly and in good taste at all times. Nothing is more obvious or exemplary of you than the manner by which you dress. Hilton Head Prep has adopted uniforms that will be strictly enforced. The following guidelines are set forth to aid you in dressing properly while a student at Hilton Head Prep.

All Students

1.Clothing will be kept clean and neat; untidy dress habits will not be tolerated.

2.Extremely tight and/or large or baggy clothing is not permitted.

3.Hats cannot be worn during the academic day anywhere on campus (7:15am-3:15pm). Hats may not be worn in academic buildings at any time.

4.Tongue rings, nose piercings, or excessive piercings will not be permitted.

5.No visible tattoos will be permitted.

6.Long sleeve shirts may be worn underneath the uniform polo shirt as long as they are one solid color (Prep colors: Red, white or navy blue only).

7.Student-athletes and students participating in performing arts shows or academic competitions may wear their team top on the days of event/competition. If your group’s uniform top is a tank top, the coach/sponsor will decide the color of undershirt that must be worn by all team members. Traditional Prep uniform bottoms are required.


1.Students must wear the appropriate collared shirt with Prep logo, even when wearing a sweater or jacket.

2.Pants should not be too long or too large and must be neatly hemmed. Pants must fit well and be worn on the waist, not low on the hips, with a belt. No stress marks or tears.

3.White T-shirts are allowed to be worn only as undershirts; colored shirts or white shirts with a visible logo are not to be worn as undershirts.

4.Shirts must be tucked in.

5.Hair will be kept neat, clean, and of an approved length (above the collar of a dress shirt). Hair that is too long around the face must be trimmed. No extreme hairstyles, coloring, or headbands will be tolerated.

6.Boys must be clean shaven at all times during the academic day and while representing Prep at any function both during and outside of the academic day.

7.Boys will not be allowed to wear earrings at any time when representing Prep or at any Prep-sponsored event.


1.Students must wear the appropriate collared shirt with Prep logo, even when wearing a sweater or jacket. Shirts or blouses are to be worn as designed, either tucked in or left out.

2.Pants must not be too long or too large and may not be slit at the bottom. Pants must fit well and be worn at the waist.

3.Shirts must be long enough so as not to expose the midriff. (When raising your arms, if your midriff is exposed, your shirt is too short.)

4.Leggings may be worn under skirts, skorts or shorts, but must be gray, black, navy blue or white in color.

5.No extremes in make-up.

6.No extremes in hairstyles and coloring. Headbands and hair accessories must match the uniform. Bandanas, etc. are not permitted to be worn with the school uniform.

7.Shorts must have a minimum inseam of 5 inches. Skorts, and skirts must be A-line or pleated and meet a minimum of midway between the hip and the knee. Girls wearing shorts, skorts or skirts too short will be considered out of dress code and will be required to purchase a new skort or skirt. Repeat offenders may be required to wear pants. Shorts, skorts, and skirts may not be altered or rolled at any time.


All styles are acceptable except for any beach sandals, flip flops, slippers (mesh-style slip-ons), Wheelies, Crocs, and Teva-type sandals. Shoes must be worn at all school functions.

Clothing List

To assist our students in the acquisition of approved Hilton Head Preparatory uniform attire, we utilize Uniform Work and Sport and Land’s End. To ensure consistency and fairness, other department store brands are permitted only for shorts and pants. All bottoms purchased from other vendors must meet Prep’s colors of solid medium khaki (avoid extremely light or dark khaki), solid medium gray or solid navy blue and dress code specifications.


All outerwear that does not have a half or full zipped, buttoned, or snapped front (e.g. a sweatshirt, hoodie, etc.) must have the Prep logo, or originate from a sanctioned Prep venue (e.g. fine arts, clubs, athletics, etc.) and promote a Prep team or organization

To enable students to have more selection and comfort in their outer wear, any SOLID navy blue, red, white, black or gray sweatshirt/hoodie (NO additional logo permitted) may be brought to the Head of Upper School or Director of Campus Life for approval. Once approved, student may take garment to Uniform Work and Sport for embroidery or screen print of approved/proper Prep logo.

Outerwear that has a half or full zipped, buttoned, or snapped front (e.g. a cardigan, a fleece jacket, a half-zip pullover, rain coat, etc.) is not required to bear the Prep logo or promote a Prep team or organization. However, these items must be red, navy blue, medium gray, black or white and solid in color. Such outerwear should also not promote any non-Prep team or organization. However, company logos (e.g. The North Face) no larger than pocket size are allowed.

At no time are blankets considered part of the appropriate Prep uniform standard.



Dressy medium khaki, medium gray or navy shorts (cargo shorts acceptable)

Plaid, medium khaki, medium gray or navy skort/skirt

Solid medium khaki, medium gray or navy pants

Solid medium khaki, medium gray or navy shorts

Polo Long/Short Sleeve in cotton or dryfit

Red, navy, white, pink, Carolina blue or one purchased through a coach or extra-curricular sponsor

Polo Long/Short Sleeve in cotton or dryfit

Red, navy, Carolina blue, white, pink, or one purchased through a coach or extra-curricular sponsor

Sweater with logo

Solid medium khaki, medium gray or navy pants – regular or skinny

Prep Sweatshirt

Sweater with logo

Fleece Jacket with logo

Prep Sweatshirt

Fleece Jacket with logo

A proper Prep collared shirt must be worn under all Prep outerwear during the academic day.

It is the student’s responsibility to be dressed in accordance with the Student Handbook Policies.

* Uniform items are available for purchase at the local Uniform Work and Sport Store, and online at www.Landsend.com.

When ordering online at Land’s End our school number is 900065418

Writing on skin is a violation of the dress code.

Please mark all clothes and belongings, especially Prep outwear, with the student’s name. Unclaimed articles will be kept for one month. After one month all unclaimed articles will be used for emergency situations.

Enforcement of the Uniform Policy is everyone’s responsibility. If students dress inappropriately according to the judgment of the faculty, staff or administration, the student may be sent home or parents will be called to bring acceptable clothes. Students will not be allowed to attend class if they are dressed inappropriately. If a student misses class while retrieving acceptable clothes, it will be considered an unexcused absence. Students who cannot consistently abide by the Uniform Policy will be subjected to further consequences.