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  • HHP Baseball Academy

    Hilton Head Preparatory School announced the start of its Baseball Academy at the start of the 2018-2019 school year. Now in its third year, the Academy continues to expand in breadth and depth of instruction.

    The Academy runs throughout the school year from 1:40 pm to 3:30 pm at Prep's baseball field, Monday through Thursday, and is open to Prep and non-Prep students. For the fall semester, only seventh through twelfth graders are eligible to participate. The schedule allows any student to participate regardless of their after-school activity or sport. 

    Coach Mathisen believes in using a strategic approach supported by available technology and resources for athletic development, data collection, and evaluation. Each student-athlete participates in their own evaluation, goal-setting, and development plan. Coach Mathisen documents and uploads each individual plan to a readily accessible web-based program called TRAQ (developed by Driveline Baseball). When a player completes their workout, they self-report their progress. "We want to be smart about training and getting better. We have tools at our fingertips that allows us to create an environment of accountability. In the end, we want to prove the value of the program. If we can't report on our progress, we won’t know whether or not we need to make any changes, or if what we’re doing is actually working the way we intend," Mathisen said.

    The Baseball Academy boasts a full team-supply of Driveline throwing and hitting training tools - including plyocare implements, weighted/long/short bats, a state of the art Rapsodo® Hitting system, and BLAST Baseball sensors. 

    In addition to the tools mentioned, Coach Mathisen also uses a number of certifications to help train players using the tools in place:

    • Driveline Pitching Certification
    • Driveline Hitting Certification
    • OnBaseU Hitting Certification
    • ALTIS Foundations Course Certification

    Coach Ken Soucy and Coach Hiram Rodriguez joined Coach Mathisen at the Baseball Academy in the 2019-2020 school year, and are back for this year. Coach Soucy and Coach Rodriguez bring decades of coaching experience at all levels of the game.
    More information about TRAQ and Driveline Baseball can be found on their website at More information about OnBaseU can be found at  More information about ALTIS can be found at

    To contact Coach Erik Mathisen, please email him at
  • HHP Soccer Academy

    Hilton Head Prep's Soccer Academy’s focus is centered on creating a positive, caring environment with a culture based on family, building strong character, and motivating the student-athletes to pursue excellence in every area of their lives.

    A core part of the Hilton Head Prep Soccer Academy will be the morning training program. The program is open to students in 6th grade and up. Students in the 6th and 7th grades will train three days per week from 7:00-7:45 AM, while students in the 8th–12th grades will train five mornings per week from 7:00-9:00 AM. The program is broken into three seasons: fall, winter, and spring.
    The training activities will be sport specific following a strategic periodized plan to meet the needs of each individual athlete. Each athlete will be exposed to activities and exercises geared towards engaging the player in developing their abilities across the four foundational pillars of the sport: psychological, physical, technical, and tactical.
    Part of the vision of the program is to help the elite soccer player create a pathway to playing at both the collegiate and professional level. To accomplish this, the Hilton Head Prep Soccer Academy has established a partnership with Tormenta FC, a USL League 1 & League 2 franchise that has created their own youth academy working with players from 5-18 years-old. The focus of the partnership is on helping players maintain a strong desire to continue their involvement in the sport and allowing them the opportunity to unlock their potential.

    The Soccer Academy Director
    Chris Davidovicz

    Coach Davidovicz brings over 20 years of soccer coaching experience to the Hilton Head Prep Soccer Academy. Chris provides a wealth of coaching and soccer knowledge to the program having coached across a variety of levels including youth, high school, college, semi-pro and State ODP teams.

    Prior to joining Hilton Head Preparatory School, Davidovicz served as the Director of Girls Select Programs for United Soccer Academy Tormenta in Hilton Head & Hardeeville, SC. During his tenure the club achieved a first ever State Cup Championship on the girls side with the 2003 Girls capturing the 2018/2019 title.

    Before joining USA Tormenta, Davidovicz served as the Head Women’s soccer coach at the University of West Georgia and a staff coach at AFC Lightning in Atlanta, GA.

    Prior to his arrival at West Georgia, Chris coached at Thomas University in Thomasville, GA. Davidovicz spent the 2010 season as the Assistant Head Coach for women’s and men’s soccer for the Nighthawks. At the end of the 2010 season he was given the reigns of the Women’s Program. In the 2008 and 2009 seasons, he was the assistant coach and recruiting coordinator for Georgia College & State University, which achieved its first National ranking, first NCAA tournament appearance, and first ever All American in the fall of 2008. In addition to his experience at the youth and collegiate level, Davidovicz has coached at the Semi-Pro level in the former USL-W League.

    Along with coaching, Chris is also co-owner of Half Space Soccer and co-author of two books: Unlocking the Vertical Lines, The Half Space, Volumes 1 & 2.

    Chris played youth soccer for Charlotte Soccer Club winning three consecutive North Carolina State Cup Championships. Davidovicz played collegiate soccer at Virginia Tech from 1999-2002 and graduated in 2003 with a degree in Finance. He has a daughter Haven Grace who was born in September of 2017.
  • HHP Volleyball Academy

    Coach Alyssa Gillis runs Prep's Volleyball Academy with the goal of developing confidence and a winning attitude. Athletes take advantage of the Academy to play throughout the off-season while developing physically, strategically, and mentally. Training is held Monday through Thursday from 1:45 pm - 3:15 pm. Contact Admissions at 843-715-8505 for more information or to register.

    The Volleyball Academy Director - Coach Alyssa Gillis

    Coach Gillis grew up playing volleyball on Hilton Head Island, playing for both her school and club teams. She went on to play libero on Furman University's club volleyball team. She is the Middle School Volleyball Coach at Hilton Head Prep and also is the Middle School Spanish Teacher, where she loves helping students build a solid foundation for their future in volleyball and life. She uses a combination of sand and indoor volleyball to develop a wide variety of skills. Prep's Volleyball Academy provides differentiated instruction and activities according to each player's level and is open to players new to volleyball to players who have played for years.

Sports Academies

Hilton Head Preparatory School offers a college prep program for serious scholar-athletes who need flexible classroom schedules, individualized attention, and the flexibility to practice and attend competitions. Student athletes must balance the challenging demands of a busy training schedule while staying on track with their academic workload.

Hilton Head Preparatory School dedicates its Academy Program to preparing every student-athlete for the rigors of a college atmosphere. Through students’ engagement with exemplary faculty, participation in co-curricular arts and athletic programs, and meaningful involvement with the community, Prep prepares competent and motivated students to succeed in college and beyond.


Academy Partners

Here at Hilton Head Prep, we also have relationships and partnerships with the following outside sports academies.  

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  • G2 Academy

    own your future.

    The G2 Academy model is female centric and maximizes effectiveness by providing a holistic approach that includes all training disciplines including golf, mental training, fitness, nutrition, college placement, leadership development, and empowerment. This single gender program provides an atmosphere for learning that is focused and minimizes distractions so expectations become achievable.

    The program at G2 encompasses all aspects of training to maximize success and achieve expectations.   The students receive world class training in golf, academics, mental toughness, physical fitness, nutrition and leadership.  Unlike your traditional Academy, G2 is designed specifically for girls empowering them for their future success.
    G2 Academy students and coaches create individual training performance plans for the students to maximize their competition results and prepare them for junior and college golf.   They will practice to play and emulate competition shots during their training program.   Their training plan will utilize state of the art technology, when needed, and game like training practice sessions as The G2 Academy believes in and focuses on performance based training.  
    As we know, no two swings are alike; the students will maintain and continue to build the foundations of an effective golf swing as well as build on their areas of strength to maximize performance. Further, course management is a large focus of the training program as the students learn to perform out on the course.
    Each student and their coach will create a competitive tournament schedule to match their goals and build their resume as they work towards the next step in their game.
  • JPGA (Junior Players Golf Academy)

    The #1 Golf Academy in the Southeast

    The Full Time Academy is a nine-month program beginning in mid-August. Academic students begin their informative and engaging instructional program Monday through Friday after school. Students receive instruction both on the course and the practice facilities. Students have weekend access to our courses, giving them additional time to practice what they learned during the week and build comradery with other JPGA students.

    Golf Academy Includes:

    • Instruction with limited student to teacher ratio
    • Private Instruction with Lead Instructor
    • Housing & Transportation
    • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner on Campus
    • TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Fitness Training
    • Golf seven days a week at World-Class Courses
    • V1 Video Analysis monthly with ability to email golf swings to College Coaches
    • Hurricane Junior Golf Tour and International Junior Golf Tour Memberships
    • Nine Tournaments (Including travel, accommodations and coaches)
    • College Placement Assistance from Coaching Staff & Director of Student Care
    • Mental Conditioning
  • Smith Stearns Tennis Academy

    Smith Stearns offers some of the world’s most acclaimed tennis programs, especially designed to help young people develop athletically while supporting their academic, social and emotional growth during the important development years.

    We provide a high-performance level of instruction in an elite setting — emphasizing individual instruction in low ratio camps or one-on-one settings to ensure quality interaction between junior players and world-class coaches.

    We are able to address a student’s “entire game” with a combination of drilling, strategy, mental preparedness, patterns of play, point set up, and match play. To ensure a high level of technical development, we utilize both soft and hard court training to promote good footwork, sound tactics, and a disciplined approach to playing extended points. In addition to good court performance, we also encourage students to develop good character, sportsmanship, and overall integrity.

    By limiting enrollment, we are able to ensure a more personal atmosphere and provide more one-on-one time to each player enrolled at the academy. It’s our way of affording each student the individual time necessary for his or her ultimate success.

    Smith Stearns offers year-round, Monday-through-Saturday training for players of all levels — unranked, or state, sectionally, nationally and world-ranked players. Full-Timeweeklyholiday, and summer programs are available for students of all ages.

    Full-time students can opt to stay with house parents and attend local schools. This residence program ensures that students are well-supervised and well-supported.
  • Van Der Meer Tennis Academy

    If you are looking to maximize your development as a tennis player, look no further… it’s right here at Van Der Meer Tennis Academy on beautiful Hilton Head Island. Our elite Junior Tennis Academy has a proven track record over 30 years of producing and helping top ATP, WTA, ITF and Collegiate Stars with great character. Our top international coaching staff is dedicated and experienced in integrating mental toughness, fitness training, stroke production, tactics, tournament scheduling, nutrition and injury prevention for all levels and ages. When choosing an academy, do your research. Choose wisely. Choose Van Der Meer!