“Hilton Head Prep has, without a doubt, changed the way I feel about community service. By teaching invaluable lessons about caring for those in need, and giving us many opportunities to do so, I’ve learned that a small effort on our part can make a huge impact in our community. Working to improve the lives of others is far more satisfying and rewarding than improving my own.”

Greg Warren '14

"Sea Pines Academy was a school that fostered lifetime friendships while promoting a quality education with teachers whose lessons we still speak about to this day. We moved from Atlanta to Lake Oconee allowing us to send our three children to a similar, small community private school much like Hilton Head Prep for these reasons."

Tom Cornelia '77 & Debbie Eakin Cornelia '79

“Hilton Head Prep’s small environment encourages community service because so many of our faculty share a passion for giving back and making a positive impact on the lives of others. The school’s service program has created a positive vibe that has increased awareness of its importance amongst the student body, inspiring them to give back. I’m happy to be a part of a school that encourages us to give back after we have been so blessed.”

Julia Nahman '14

"My time at Hilton Head Prep had a profound impact on my life. The excellent faculty allowed me to gain the knowledge needed to be successful in the realm of higher education. Prep created an environment, not just for learning, but one of caring, guidance and mentorship. I cannot express enough gratitude to Prep for providing me tuition assistance, allowing me this experience which helped make me the man I am today. I am now the proud father of a son, Davis, a second grader at Prep, and I look forward to sharing in his Prep experience."

Dr. Brett J. Cargill '87

"Attending Hilton Head Prep was the best academic decision I ever made. Prep positioned me to be able to attend a top academic institution. I was able to quickly excel and have a stellar college experience because of my academic experiences at Prep. Prep really put an emphasis on one being a student first and an athlete second. These values stayed with me in college. Within two years at Lafayette College I was selected to join a prestigious scholastic program provided to a small number of students of high intellectual interest and ability. I was the first football player in the school's history to participate in the program. I am grateful for the education and financial assistance Prep provided me."

DeAndre Morrow '06

Connecting with the kids, communicating with the individual, matching passion with passion...that's prerequisite for learning. That's the heart of a great education. That's why we're at Hilton Head Prep. Hilton Head Prep’s individualized approach to cultivating every student’s strengths, while improving their weaknesses, takes real commitment and detailed planning to deliver on that promise. The classes are small, the interaction between students and instructors is vibrant, and the result is real learning. Real thinking. Whether it’s my daughter’s desire for extra-large canvases in AP Art, one-on-one board time with my son in Algebra, or a school-wide science fair project that surprised us all with a win, all four of our very different children have grown into better students and more engaging human beings.”

Lynne and David Anderson, parents of Tosh '07, Ian '09, Gracie '13 and Riggs '16

“Hilton Head Prep’s commitment to education is evidenced through the experiences of my three children. I am so happy to have found a place where learning takes on many forms. They are growing academically and also participate in a wide variety of co-curricular activities like math club, chess club, mini-phin cheerleaders, spelling bees, basketball and piano.”

Scot Parsick, parent of Alex '17, Ashlyn '22 and Aden '25

"Hilton Head Prep prepared me well for many of my math and science classes at Duke. Lab reports and scientific writing were second nature after years of Prep's curriculum and especially after several years of science fair preparation and local, regional and national competition. I rely on the scientific writing fundamentals I learned in AP Biology, AP Chemistry and AP Physics at Prep for much of my research today and credit the Hilton Head Prep faculty for much of my success."

Reid D'Amico '11

“It means everything to me that my children are building many of the same wonderful memories that I have from my days at Hilton Head Prep. Nothing brings my heart more joy than watching as my son eagerly anticipates Field Day with the same exuberance I had at his age.”

Robin Cifaldi Haroutunian '88, mom of Wyatt '22 and Sophia '25

“The smaller-sized classrooms are what first attracted us to Hilton Head Prep seven years ago because my children are able to receive extraordinary individualized attention. The faculty knows first-hand their specific learning styles, which are all very different from each other, and they teach accordingly.”

Beth Askeland, mom of Emmett '17, Drew '19, Gunnar '22 and Anders '25

“Bella is thriving in the nurturing environment of Kindergarten. Her traditional classroom instruction is greatly enhanced through the partnership with Coastal Discovery Museum, special classes in art, music and physical education. Bella also has the opportunity to explore her passion for cooking and dance through the after school Prep Plus enrichment classes.”

Emily Johnson, mom of Bella '25

"Hilton Head Prep offered me a safe haven to attempt the many interests that inspired me. With the variety of departments supporting my individual talents, I was able to become an athlete, actress, singer, historian, good communicator and smart business woman. There was endless support coming from staff, teachers, administration and family and friends. With the music department, I felt inspired to perform. With the athletic department I was taught to utilize teamwork to achieve my goals. My education at Prep prepared me beautifully for college courses and studying skills. I am grateful I had a sanctuary at Prep to send me confidently into the world."

Meredith Inglesby '93