Performing Arts Pavilion

The Vision: Hilton Head Preparatory School envisions a place on campus where all the performing arts can find a home, a rehearsal and small performance space as fine as the arts we present. We need to honor our student performers by giving them a space they deserve. Using the courtyard for audience enjoyment is a wonderful way to take advantage of our beautiful surroundings and climate.

The Problem: While we have a wonderful performance space at the Main Street Theatre, there is no adequate space on campus for our band, orchestra and performing arts groups to rehearse or present small shows. The band currently rehearses in the field house, the orchestra in a small classroom. When the Main Street Theatre is rented, all performing arts groups use the Lower School Commons to prepare their show. It is also difficult having our main performance space on the opposite end of the island. Coupled with the difficulty in providing space for our musical groups, classroom space as a whole is at a premium. Providing space for our musical groups to hold class and rehearse will open up much needed classroom space elsewhere offering greater flexibility in course offerings and scheduling options.

The Plan: The plan is to build a 1,100 square foot addition on the north end of the middle school gym that can serve many groups. The orchestra and strings program can hold class and rehearsals, the band can have a space of their own to practice, and all divisions can utilize the space for drama/musical production rehearsals and small shows. By moving the music classes into this space it will open up other classrooms on campus allowing expansion of students and sections. It will also add the option of for outdoor performances and increase the beauty of the main campus courtyard.

The Cost: The entire project is estimated to cost $300,000 including all site work and outdoor spaces. The School will cover half the cost from its capital budget in the hopes that the Prep family will match their contribution in donations.

Why Now? The school band has been holding class and rehearsing in the field house this year, after having done so in a renovated locker room before that. Students participating in school plays have rehearsed in the noisy and unequipped lower school commons for years. It is time that we have a performing arts rehearsal and performance space as fine as the arts we present.

An Invitation: We invite you to help make this space a reality. Join us in honoring our students by giving them an appropriate space to hone their craft, enjoy their art and to have a space of their own.