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The Wellness Center

In today’s complicated world, the responsibility of a school nurse is often buried under more obvious educational tools. If teachers are the engineers of learning, school nurses are the mechanics - helping to maintain and promote your child’s entire well-being while at school. In a perfect world, our children would never know pain or sadness or heartache, but these and other barriers to learning often exist. A school nurse works to help alleviate these and other discomforts, to help keep your child’s learning flowing. When accidents happen or life’s uncertainties overwhelm, the door to the Nurse Cherry’s office is always open. Through this door, headaches are medicated, bloody knees bandaged and splinters removed, torn shirts are mended, lost teeth saved, broken eyeglasses taped and tears are dried.

Wellness is not simply the absence of illness, it is a learned quality of life.

Everyday, when your child enters our halls, we dedicate ourselves to wrapping them in a blanket of wellness. The Wellness Center strives to create an environment of good health and well-being to assist your child throughout their learning journey. We strive to dispense comfort, caring and compassion to each and every child...with enough cough drops and band-aids to turn almost every hurt into a smile.

Learning Resources

Modifications | Accommodations for ADD | ADHA and Learning Differences

Many students have learning differences that may require special accommodation to the regular academic program at Hilton Head Prep. We work families to obtain the necessary documention and evaluation of the student's strengths and weaknesses and develop a modification plan to enhance his/her learning process in the classroom. Our policy is based on the Educational Testing Service Consortium's (ETS) standard criteria for documenting ADD/ADHD and learning disabilities. ETS uses these criteria for determining appropriate testing accommodations. For information, please contact Learning Resource Specialist, Stephanie Pullon at 843-715-8511.

Diagnostic testing must be administered by a qualified professional such as a licensed school psychologist, clinical psychologist, educational psychologist or neurologist. Only testing from such individuals will be used for modification purposes. Testing must be current within three years of the time of the requested modification.

Documentation should include the following:

  • Diagnostic Interview – including an academic, developmental and family history for the presence of learning difficulties
  • Relevant Testing – assessing aptitude/cognitive abilities, academic achievement, continuous performance, tracking or attention, and information processing
  • Specific Diagnosis – based on diagnostic criteria
  • Test scores from standardized instruments
  • Evaluator recommendations
  • Interpretative summary

Reasonable accommodations may include:

  • Extended time on tests
  • Testing in alternate locations
  • Use of a laptop or tape recorder in the classroom
  • Consideration of spelling errors on in-class essays or exams as less serious than on daily work or papers and essays that are word-processed or prepared outside of class
  • Use of books on tape
  • Oral Testing – some oral tests may be given, if qualified by psycho-educational testing

School Expectations of Students and Parents on Accommodation Programs:

  • Demonstration of a solid work ethic and a willingness to work with teachers to develop strategies to compensate for areas of difficulty
  • Parent/teacher conferences as requested
  • Consistent and prompt attention to medication when prescribed
  • Periodic communication with all outside professionals and school personnel working with the child

KNS Media Center

Counseling | Life Skills

Lower School Life Skills Class

Intended to enhance the family’s role and help foster interpersonal and social skills that are necessary for success in school and life.

Life Skills Objectives for the students:

  • Develop positive self-esteem
  • Solve conflicts peacefully
  • Take responsibility for their actions
  • Make positive choices in their lives
  • Reinforce positive character values

Lessons are age appropriate consisting of stories, class discussions, role-plays, group activities and cooperative games.

Classes held every other week in the child’s classroom.

The KNS Media Center features a library of both print and media resources, wireless connectivity, printers, electronic presentation systems, a 20-station computer lab and areas for classes, individual study and group meetings.

Links & Libraries

HHP Destiny Catalog
DISCUS South Carolina Virtual Library
Beaufort County Library SC Lends Catalog

Library Staff

Director - Gay Keyes, direct line 843-715-8517
Library Assistant - Candace Woodson, direct line 843-715-8531

If you wish to reserve the KNS Media Center or you have a question....Click the books below.

    General Policies

    Students, faculty and Hilton Head Prep families are welcome to visit KNS Media Center to study, conduct classes and utilize resources. Space is available for group meetings and functions on a reserved basis.

    Lower school students visit the KNS Media Center at least once during the five-day rotation.

    All students and teachers are encouraged to use the media center frequently.

    Middle school students visit the KNS Media Center with their classes and may visit independently during their break, lunch, before or after school or when sent with permission by their teacher.

    Upper School students may use the KNS Media Center independently for academic pursuits.

    Borrowing privileges are determined by student age, classroom needs and number of items currently checked out.

    Students are expected to return materials as soon as they are finished with them (preferably, not to exceed two weeks). If an item is in high demand, students may be asked to return them earlier so that others may use them.

    There are no fines for overdue items, but we do ask for replacement of books that are lost or damaged beyond repair.

    Parents are welcome to check out KNS Media Center's resources.