Welcome to Hilton Head Prep!
When I first visited Hilton Head Prep, I met students, faculty and families with whom I immediately wanted to work. I saw kids with a sense of self and belonging and faculty who care deeply about their students and their school. I met parents who are passionate about providing their children with excellence in education and a great place to grow up. It was not long before I began to feel my own sense of belonging and believed I had found a great fit and a school I could call home.
It is my hope that as you are introduced to our school that you will find a similar sense of belonging. Each student brings unique characteristics and Hilton Head Prep is a place where the passions of each child can be discovered, encouraged, fostered and polished. We are a community of scholars, athletes, artists, performers, community servants and citizens of integrity. It is my expectation that people will treat others well and receive the same in return. 
This is a transformational time in education. The challenges of the past few years for kids across the country have forced us to reassess what is really important and what really matters in schools. This is true from preschool up through the college years. Academic excellence is always an expectation and providing an atmosphere of ambition for students to realize their dreams is at the core of what we do. That said, helping them find balance and joy in their days must be equally valued. Our school mission applies to every student and each of them will have different needs and different gifts. I want school to be fun and a place where kids are known and valued in a way that helps them become their best selves. 
I am proud to welcome you to our school and I hope the information you find in our website is helpful and informative. I look forward to meeting you on campus and giving you the opportunity to provide your children with a fantastic place to grow up and prepare for their futures. 
Mr. Paul W. Horgan
Head of School

Hilton Head Prep is the Place to Be