Upper School

Welcome to Hilton Head Preparatory School’s upper school. Our academic mission is to cultivate a stimulating environment that promotes academic excellence, critical thinking and a lifelong love of learning. This love of learning is fostered through a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, strong interpersonal relationships and a supportive community environment.

Upper school students have the opportunity to pursue traditional and college-level courses in an environment of supportive accountability. This challenge is created to help prepare each student for a successful college experience while maintaining a structure that supports the development of the habits of mind that will sustain them far beyond their journey through formal education.

Strong interpersonal relationships developed in a culture of collaborative learning is central to our mission. The relationship between advisor and advisee, the countless hours of extra help provided throughout the year, the support provided through co-curricular opportunities, and the individualized approach to college admissions help create a mutually beneficial environment in which teacher and student challenge one another towards personal growth.

The blending of challenging learning experiences with strong relationships provides the foundation for a supportive community. It is through these components that the community as a whole rises up in support of the journey of self discovery. As the students give back to the greater community, they stand shoulder to shoulder with their peers and mentors. As they tackle the inherent challenges of interpersonal relationships, they are able to see models of how a multiplicity of personalities and approaches, within the school community, is able to coalesce around the clear purpose of facilitating the growth of the individual student.

If you would like to be part of a school community that has a clear focus on individual growth and provides a high level of support and accountability, we invite you to visit and learn more about Hilton Head Prep's upper school.

Tina Webb-Browning
Head of Upper School
Grades 9-12
    • Tina Webb-Browning

      Head of Upper School

Upper School Curriculum