Athletic Forms

2019-2020 Athletic Handbook

All SCISA schools have been mandated by the Athletic Committee to use the PlanetHS site to register all required athletic forms.

It is a state-of-the-art digital Pre-Participation system which will make your athletic process easier while keeping your student’s important medical information safe. With PlanetHS, your student’s health history information will carry over each year and all you have to do the following year is have your child take a physical and make any changes to the other forms. This new process will save you time and paper, while giving you the convenience of filling out most forms via computer or mobile phone.

To create online, both parents and student will need to create a PlanetHS account to complete and digitally sign the
web-forms. Follow the steps below to start pre-participation registration.

If you have a child that will be playing on an athletic team this coming school year, required athletic forms are due before practices begin.

If your child is an athlete for the first time you must register at then fill out necessary information. If your child is a returning athlete, please follow steps listed below:

  • Pull up the form
  • System will say we notice you have a form on file. Please click "re-use".
  • Please be sure all forms are either signed or initialed before submitting.

You have to tell the system each year that you are re-using the document, but you do not have to actually fill out the documents. Any changes can be made on the web site

* If you have any issues completing the form please call the Planet H.S. support line at 1-888-668-7452.

Thank you for your cooperation in securing all needed forms for your child to participate on our athletic teams.