Mission Statement

A safe, caring and accepting community enables Hilton Head Prep to mold students of strong character. Through students' engagement with exemplary faculty, participation in co-curricular arts and athletic programs, and meaningful involvement with the community, Prep will prepare competent and motivated students to succeed in college and beyond. Hilton Head Prep curriculum will incorporate a solid foundation with critical thinking skills while leveraging students' creativity in preparing them to thrive in an ever-changing world.


The Arts program strives to enhance appreciation for the arts through experience. Whether creating a painting, a song or character or working with local visual and performing artists, students are preparing to be not only tomorrow's artists but tomorrow's arts advocates as well. By participating, students gain true appreciation for artistic excellence in all of its forms.

The Hilton Head Preparatory artist takes form through a wide range of opportunities within our Performing and Visual Arts Department. Challenged and mentored by talented and experienced artist-teachers in Music, Visual Art, Theatre, Film and Dance, students unleash their creative energies through a variety of artistic interpretations and media.

Prep's Visual Arts Department consistently wins awards in regional and state competitions with work in various mediums including photography and digital photography. Music offerings include opportunities for chorus, vocal and instrumental soloists, instrumental ensembles and instruction in piano, band and string instruments. The Performing Arts Department exposes the student to many aspects of theatre, music and film. Students may take part in two major musical productions a year.

"The arts are an important civilizing agent in society. They enrich our humanity and can often open or enlighten closed minds. In other words, they are not frills, but necessities."

-- John Jakes