Mission and Core Values


Hilton Head Preparatory School will be a strong, diverse, rigorous and innovative independent school that showcases its values and Hilton Head Island to the world.


A safe, caring and accepting community enables Hilton Head Prep to mold students of strong character. Through students' engagement with exemplary faculty, participation in co-curricular arts and athletic programs, and meaningful involvement with the community, Prep will prepare competent and motivated students to succeed in college and beyond. Hilton Head Prep's curriculum will incorporate a solid foundation with critical thinking skills while leveraging students' creativity in preparing them to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Core Values

List of 6 items.

  • Strength:

    Prep will remain focused on financial strength and stability, enabling it to expand its offerings in all aspects of student life.
  • Academics:

    Prep will stay at the forefront of curriculum and assessment. A Prep student is expected to be intellectually curious, understanding that asking questions is the first step in the pursuit of knowledge.
  • Service:

    Taking their classroom experiences out into the world is a crucial element of a Hilton Head Prep education. Students participate in service opportunities challenging them to expand their comfort zones and broaden their world view.
  • Integrity:

    Prep students are expected to act consistent with the school's honor code. It is recognized that students are on a journey to responsible adulthood and respectful engagement with the faculty and administration in navigating this road is required.
  • Community:

    Close relationships with faculty, administration, parents and alumni empower Prep students in and out of the classroom. Knowing they are accepted and supported encourages our students to reach beyond that which they thought themselves capable in the pursuit of their passions.
  • Creativity/Innovation:

    The world is changing at a breakneck pace. Through the use of innovative techniques, Prep will prepare students with the skills needed in the 21st-century economy.