KNS Media Center

The KNS Media Center features a library of both print and media resources, wireless connectivity, printers, electronic presentation systems, a 20-station computer lab and areas for classes, individual study and group meetings.

Links & Libraries

HHP Destiny Catalog
DISCUS South Carolina Virtual Library

Library Staff

Director - Cara Witt, direct line 843-715-8517
Library Assistant - Candace Woodson, direct line 843-715-8531

If you wish to reserve the KNS Media Center or you have a question....Click the books below.

General Policies

Students, faculty and Hilton Head Prep families are welcome to visit KNS Media Center to study, conduct classes and utilize resources. Space is available for group meetings and functions on a reserved basis.

Lower school students visit the KNS Media Center at least once during the five-day rotation.

All students and teachers are encouraged to use the media center frequently.

Middle school students visit the KNS Media Center with their classes and may visit independently during their break, lunch, before or after school or when sent with permission by their teacher.

Upper School students may use the KNS Media Center independently for academic pursuits.

Borrowing privileges are determined by student age, classroom needs and number of items currently checked out.

Students are expected to return materials as soon as they are finished with them (preferably, not to exceed two weeks). If an item is in high demand, students may be asked to return them earlier so that others may use them.

There are no fines for overdue items, but we do ask for replacement of books that are lost or damaged beyond repair.

Parents are welcome to check out KNS Media Center's resources.