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The Fine Arts program strives to enhance appreciation for the arts through experience. Whether singing, creating a painting, a character, or studying aside working practitioners, students not only become tomorrow's artists but tomorrow's arts advocates as well.

Through active participation, students at all grade levels gain true appreciation for artistic excellence in all of its forms.

The Hilton Head Preparatory artist takes form through a wide range of opportunities within our Fine Arts Department. Challenged and mentored by talented and experienced artist-teachers, students are encouraged to embrace their creative energies through a variety of artistic interpretations and media.

The Performing Arts Department exposes the student to many aspects of theatre, music, and film. Students take part in two major theatrical productions a year, improv style performances, concerts and musical theatre showcases. Performing Ensembles include: Prep Orchestra, Lower School Advanced Strings, Prep Singers, and Prep Performing Arts Theatre Ensemble.

The Visual Arts Department consistently wins awards in regional, state and national competitions. Recently added to our offerings are the rapidly growing photography, ceramics and web design programs. Music offerings include opportunities for chorus, vocal and instrumental soloists, instrumental ensembles and instruction in piano
and string instruments.

At Prep, students can discover a love and aptitude for the arts as well as prepare for their next level of study.
The mission of the Arts Guild is to work in concert with school administrators and arts faculty to nurture, support and enrich the arts program and curriculum through the integration and exploration of music, drama and the visual arts.

Help inspire and support our students and their creative talents by joining the Arts Guild at Hilton Head Prep today. For membership information and calendar of events, CLICK HERE or email the Arts Guild.

There are many ways to participate in the Arts Guild, whether through monetary support, donation of items for performances or donation of time. Many dedicated Arts Guild members, without whom the arts program could not flourish, spend countless hours organizing costumes and props, and providing technical and stage assistance for our outstanding Hilton Head Prep performances.

Through the continued generous support of our membership, the Arts Guild has allocated nearly $110,000 of "wish list" items to the arts program at Hilton Head Prep.