Middle School

Welcome to Hilton Head Prep!

In our middle school we celebrate being in the middle! This is a time for exploration, transformation and personal growth. Three vital characteristics that are needed for preparation to reach foundational skill levels for a successful entry into our upper school program. We realize these young adults who enter our classrooms are individuals with a unique set of gifts, talents and levels of competence ready to forge ahead and carve out their own special paths. At Hilton Head Prep, we pay attention to these pivotal years of self discovery so each individual can be the individual they need to be.

Our accomplished and highly qualified middle school faculty, who truly appreciates and understands this unique adolescent mindset, challenges as well as empowers our students to dive deeply into high quality academics and authentic learning activities. Through our advisory program and instruction time, our teachers truly get to know each student, monitor their academic progress and contribute the assistance needed so your adolescent can stretch beyond their expectations. Through encouragement and support, Prep’s educators provide our middle schoolers with rigorous opportunities that broaden their conceptual and abstract thinking qualities. Whether it is through literature, languages, math, arts or sciences, we strive to produce a thoughtful and fun approach to learning.

We understand that our students, during these transformative middle school years, long to be accepted by their peers while at the same time striving to be their own person. Our faculty understands this dichotomy and works side by side with them in a supportive and collaborative learning environment so that each student can self advocate for what they need most.  As our young scholars become more self confident and motivated decision makers they are more capable of discovering themselves and their passions.  At Hilton Head Prep all our students have a plethora of activities at their disposal  whether they are on the fields and courts through our sporting programs, in the studio, on stage at our Hilton Head Prep Main Street Theatre or the multitude of extracurricular activities that are offered.

We welcome you to join us in this celebration of being in ‘the middle” at Hilton Head Preparatory School. This engaging, exciting and ever dynamic journey includes the most important aspect, our middle schoolers as they venture into the quest of who they are and what they will become! We hope you will be a part of our adventure!

Go Prep,

Cleteus Smith 
Head of Lower and Middle School
Hilton Head Preparatory

Middle School Curriculum