Lower School

Welcome to Hilton Head Prep!

We are that school! We are the school that wants your child to succeed to their highest abilities. How? Through our talented and skilled faculty who truly take the time to genuinely get to know your child. We form positive and life affirming relationships with our students so they feel valued and heard. By understanding your children, their likes and dislikes, as well as what motivates them, we are better able to assist your child in reaching new heights. Our faculty also devotes the needed time to accurately knowing what academic level your child is performing at. Through differentiation and best practice educational approaches, our skilled faculty strives to teach to the level of your child within that grade level. We understand all children are different as well as all are special and unique. Our goal is to showcase those rewarding superpowers while also supporting their challenges.

We are that school! We offer challenging academics that create critical thinkers and lifelong learners. How? We believe when the child is in charge of their learning at the earliest ages, they will become more involved and personify an intrinsic value to instruction. Through implementing literacy work stations where children work independently, or by allowing small groups of students to collaborate on a challenging math problem, all these types of endeavors lend themselves to creating autonomous thinkers! Our course offerings go well beyond the three R’s, reading, writing, and arithmetic and are sure to unleash your child’s inner excitement for learning. From our STEAM class to Strings class, Athletics to Artistic ventures or our unique educational setting of being nestled in between the beach and a natural wildlife preserve, all offer our students the opportunities to grow academically in various ways and strides.

We are that school! We believe in providing a well rounded education that also supports our students in becoming compassionate citizens to our local and global community. How? Whether it is through our field excursions exploring our surrounding areas and becoming acquainted with our regional populations, or through our philanthropic activities to those in need, our students strive to better themselves as well as assist others. Our good samaritans bring smiles and assistance whether it is assisting those in need during the holidays, writing cards and creating works of hope for the elderly and taking care of our local environment. We understand that in today’s competitive society our students need to think critically, be able to work collaboratively and act compassionately in order to thrive and succeed. At Hilton Head Prep, we put children first and foremost. Why? Because…

We are that school!

Go Prep,

Lower School Curriculum