Mission Statement

A safe, caring and accepting community enables Hilton Head Prep to mold students of strong character. Through students' engagement with exemplary faculty, participation in co-curricular arts and athletic programs, and meaningful involvement with the community, Prep will prepare competent and motivated students to succeed in college and beyond. Hilton Head Prep curriculum will incorporate a solid foundation with critical thinking skills while leveraging students' creativity in preparing them to thrive in an ever-changing world.

HHP Volleyball Academy


The Hilton Head Prep Volleyball Academy started last winter season. Coach Genia Edelman runs the academy with the goal of developing confidence and a winning attitude. Athletes take advantage of the academy to play throughout the off-season while developing physically, strategically, and mentally. Practice is held Monday through Thursday from 1:45 pm - 3:15. For the past eight years, Coach Edelman has developed players using beach volleyball as a vehicle to get athletes more touches (two players per team instead of six), develop into great passers (wind), and gain a better understanding of all aspects of the game. Players always return to the indoor game much stronger, faster, and better at ball control. Contact Admissions at 843-715-8505 for more information or to register.

The Volleyball Academy Director - Genia Edelman

Coach Genia Edelman has over 30 years of volleyball playing and coaching experience. She played Junior Olympic Club Volleyball as a junior and senior in high school and went on to play at Greensboro College in North Carolina. Her passion for the sport and mentoring young women aided in her starting a club volleyball program and Beach Volleyball Academy after she moved to Hilton Head Island in 2010. Genia’s mission for the Hilton Head Prep Volleyball Academy is to develop strong, confident, and globally-minded leaders through the sport of volleyball. She is CAP I and II USA Volleyball certified for indoor and Beach Volleyball CAP I certified. You can expect to become a better player and individual at the Hilton Head Prep Volleyball Academy with Coach Edelman as its leader.