Lady Dolphins win over Cross in a nail biter

With just a couple of weeks left in the season, the Dolphins took to the road in an impromptu and previously unscheduled game against Cross School.  This one turned out to be a barn burner, as the Lady Dolphins fought  to come back from a 10-12 deficit in the first half.  An aggressive 1-3-1 defense rattled the Prep guards.  Both teams played evenly down the stretch, and it came down to the last minute of the game, as Harper Hedden blocked a layup from Cross star #10 Sydney.  Hedden ended up being fouled in the far corner, and the Dolphins regained possession and control of the end of the game.  Lila Roberts lead all scorers with 12 points, Hedden added 5 and Ashley Brothers and Merritt Risher both added 2.  
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