Peter Bergeron '00 Memorial Fund

How Did You Know Peter Bergeron? 
A note from Larry Tavino and Kathryn Ramseur Riley

If it was when he was a student at HiltonHead Prep, you likely remember his sarcastic wit, and how he livened up the class with a timely joke or a spirited debate-- all with a devilish twinkle in his eye. If you knew him as a teammate then you know he was a freakishly strong athletic dynamo on the field-- one who gave everything he had for the betterment of his team and teammates. If you knew him as an artist then you witnessed his vast imagination and enormous talent.

If he was your or your child’s teacher or coach then you knew that he made sure everyone felt included, safe, seen, heard and respected.

As a friend, he was your loyal companion, dropping anything to be there for you, and putting your needs before his own with energy, positivity, and love. Pete was a vibrant, adventurous, compassionate human being who brightened up every day. Yet the light that emanated so brightly from him, somehow failed to shine within him.

There was another Pete that struggled with depression for nearly all his life. He hung on as long as he did so he wouldn’t hurt the ones he loved, even though that meant living with great pain every day. Since his death we have learned more about his immense struggles, and from his journals, it was clear that Peter wanted his life to serve a purpose by opening people’s eyes to how serious depression can get.

This outreach was of utmost importance to Peter (Hilton Head Prep Class of 2000) and has motivated his family - sisters Jill (Class of 1996), Kate (Class of 2000), brother Jimmy (Class of 1997), and mother Diane to establish the Peter Bergeron Memorial fund. The fund will be dedicated to promoting mental health and providing emotional support for the Hilton Head Prep community and beyond.

Depression’s prevalence can’t be understated. This disease has affected all of us. As we all grieve Peter Bergeron '00 and Michael Bassett '92 (a beloved alumnus and former Prep faculty member) we have an opportunity to find light in these tragedies. We can make a significant difference in the lives of others. Please join us in supporting this vital cause.

With love,
Larry Tavino and Kathryn Ramseur-Riley
Hilton Head Prep Faculty Members

Please join us for a Celebration of the Life of Peter Bergeron
Saturday, February 17, 2024
RET's Garden
Hilton Head Preparatory School